Taking the complexity out of baggage-handling: Scarabee designs and develops complete baggage system enhancements that ensure passenger baggage gets to the plane on time.

Baggage handling systems

Scarabee has a long and expert history in baggage handling. We develop the software behind smart passenger baggage sortation systems, and keep baggage screening lanes compliant with rapidly changing requirements. Scarabee’s routing and sorting software drives many airport baggage handling systems, and we ensure effective baggage retrieval for the latest in high-capacity aircraft like the Airbus380. Our Early Warning System is a powerful real-time operational support tool providing real-time insights into the health of the baggage handling process, the flights at hand and the associated Key Performance Indicators, enabling airports to keep maximal control over their baggage process.

BagDrop® V8

The BagDrop solution

The BagDrop solution is a single customer touch point, which can integrate all passenger check-in & baggage drop off processes in one or two step(s) which a passenger can autonomously perform with minimal use of staff.
It is full flexible to accommodate all required process steps and can handle multiple airline work flows and business rules simultaneously and can be operated in passenger, hosted or fall back mode.
The BagDrop® V8 is an integrated solution, IATA compliant, easy to integrate with DCS and BHS, easy passenger self-tagging (linerless label), with supportive agent tools (PDA) and full insight in the operation and performance.

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Ensuring up-to-date baggage handling software

Ensuring up to date baggage handling software

How can airports guarantee the continuity of secure baggage handling systems?

Transport Manager sorting and routing software has been effectively driving 25% of Schiphol’s baggage systems for many years. Scarabee developed the original software, and continually updates, tests and implements new releases: Transport Manager is a tried and tested baggage handling solution.

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BagDrop self-service check-in increases terminal throughput

Self service check-in increases terminal throughput - BagDrop

How can airports improve passenger flows and revenues, and reduce operational costs?

BagDrop builds and implements tailor-made check-in solutions, designed with the passenger in mind. Using biometrics for passenger identification and validation, BagDrop’s elegant and user-friendly self-service passenger check-in solutions are a feature of modern airports throughout the world. Scarabee develops the software driving the systems, for example for direct payment of excess baggage weight.


Simulating Schiphol’s baggage handling systems

Simulating Schiphol’s baggage handling systems

How can airports reduce lost baggage significantly without disturbing the regular business?

Schiphol airport commissioned Scarabee to develop a fully working test and training baggage handling simulation system. The resulting Maxibas system is used to test new and changed baggage system software and technology prior to implementation, allowing Schiphol to operate at full strength with no hindrance for passengers. It is used to train staff in operational situations, for what-if scenarios, and allows them to practise for calamity situations. The system is now the standard, future-proof Schiphol test tool for the approval of changes. Thanks to Maxibas, lost baggage at Schiphol has been reduced by 50% in three years.

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Continuously improving baggage flows

Continuously improving baggage flows

Will my baggage get to the right plane, on time?

Baggage systems are an extensive and complex mix of conveyors, carrousels, screening and sorting machines. Systems are subject to continual change: new sorts and sizes of baggage, changes in security requirements, new technology etc. The software driving these systems is as complex as the systems themselves. Scarabee develops both software and systems and is responsible for their continual update. We manage changes to baggage systems and ensure seamless implementation. Our knowledge of baggage systems is deep and continually improving, as we develop and implement changes in both software and systems to ensure more effective baggage flows.

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