From the moment they enter the airport, passengers want a quick and smooth journey to the departure gate. Scarabee delivers smart technology solutions that optimise passenger flows.

Optimising passenger flow

Airports are busy, exciting and often confusing places. Airports have to ensure that passengers feel comfortable and can easily find their way from check-in and baggage drop off to the moment they board the plane. Scarabee helps airlines and airports handle passengers’ expectations. Our 3-D vision technology and real-time databases analyse and optimise passenger queues and flows, reducing passenger waiting times, informing them whether they are in the right place. Scarabee’s passenger logistic systems improve the passenger experience and increase airport business performance.

BagDrop® V8

The BagDrop solution

The BagDrop solution is a single customer touch point, which can integrate all passenger check-in & baggage drop off processes in one or two step(s) which a passenger can autonomously perform with minimal use of staff.
It is full flexible to accommodate all required process steps and can handle multiple airline work flows and business rules simultaneously and can be operated in passenger, hosted or fall back mode.
The BagDrop® V8 is an integrated solution, IATA compliant, easy to integrate with DCS and BHS, easy passenger self-tagging (linerless label), with supportive agent tools (PDA) and full insight in the operation and performance.

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Effective airport passenger flow management

Effective airport passenger flow management

How can airports shorten border crossing waiting times and improve airport resource management?

Scarabee develops passenger flow analysis and control systems designed to inform passengers and shorten border crossing times. Using a fully-integrated system of cameras and software, passenger flow is monitored real-time and linked to border control staff resource planning. If the flow of passengers increases, extra staff are in place on time to prevent long queues. Displays inform passengers of any waiting times, providing reassurance. Privacy-by design sensors ensure that no sensitive data are stored. Data are used to continually improve existing staff planning models.

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BagDrop self-service check-in increases terminal throughput

Self service check-in increases terminal throughput - BagDrop

How can airports improve passenger flows and revenues, and reduce operational costs?

BagDrop builds and implements tailor-made check-in solutions, designed with the passenger in mind. Using biometrics for passenger identification and validation, BagDrop’s elegant and user-friendly self-service passenger check-in solutions are a feature of modern airports throughout the world. Scarabee develops the software driving the systems, for example for direct payment of excess baggage weight.


Early Warning System reduces airport bottlenecks

Reduces airport bottlenecks with EWS

How can airports help passengers and baggage get to the plane on time?

Scarabee designs, develops and implements passenger and baggage airport performance dashboards, providing operators with real-time baggage and passenger flow monitoring. Designed together with the users, the system visualises passenger and baggage flow and any possible bottlenecks. Operators take action to ensure that passengers and their baggage get to the right airplane on time.

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