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We innovate. We create.
We put the passenger at the heart of it all


 1Improving passenger experience  
2Optimising passenger revenues  
3Reducing operating costs  
4Increasing terminal capacity

Airport operations have changed radically over the past decade.
The most important challenges of airports today are the increasing passenger numbers, the limited terminal space and capacity, the focus on reducing costs and of course optimizing income. BagDrop helps you to meet these challenges.
The Dutch firm BagDrop Systems B.V. is the leading company in full service baggage check-in systems. We optimise airport terminals by developing efficient and innovative self-service products and facilities. Since 2007 we have become a major player in offering new solutions for the transport industry.



We understand current challenges airports are facing: increasing passenger numbers, limited terminal space and capacity, focus on reducing operational cost and optimising income. Therefore we are dedicated to help you transform your terminal operations by delivering technological innovations allowing you to improve your operations, reduce your costs and increase your revenue.

Our mission is to make business cases that help airports to increase capacity through a faster processing time and a smaller footprint.


Full self service check-in including baggage drop off helps you meet these challenges. We know by experience, that automated full self-service check-in allows you to increase your check-in capacity up to 80% through faster processing time and a smaller footprint in comparison to conventional check-in.

Adaptation of body shape, color and lightning as well as integrated displaying and signing allows the BagDrop to optimally integrate into your terminal design.


The BagDrop unit is a contact point where passengers can independently check in and drop their baggage. Our unit is a flexible, modular self-service solution. The check-in process via BagDrop is designed around the passenger and easy to integrate with DCS and BHS systems. It offers branding opportunities as well as optimal integration in terminal design through adaptation of body shape, color and lighting as well as integrated displaying and signing.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Innovation, improvement and development is in the purpose of every BagDrop employee.
Our solutions have been developed with four main customer business goals as reference.
  1. Improve passenger terminal throughput
  2. Improve passenger experience
  3. Increase passenger revenue
  4. Reduce operational cost. BagDrop has developed different self-service baggage drop solutions, which are all based on the same flexible and configurable BagDrop CUPPS platform which enables BagDrop to develop and tailor its solutions easily to the local requirements of the airport and the airlines.

Smooth integration and implementation

Our approach is to define the most suited operational concept for our customers and then configure the most appropriate solution for this situation. This integral approach has let the BagDrop environment to easily integrate with different DCS systems, with minimal impact on cost and time schedules, as well as enabled BagDrop to develop a set of supporting tools such as the agent PDA, the BagDrop remote monitoring dashboards, the extensive logging and reporting tool which enables full insight in the operation and enables continuous improvement of technical equipment as well as organisational operation. For smooth implementation, BagDrop has developed extensive e-learning tools for the training of staff and making the achieved skill levels measurable and a basis for continuous improvement of the operation on different levels (agent, supervisor). 

Increasing terminal capacity Increasing terminal capacity
Integration with DCS and BHS
Intuitive, ergonomic design - Bagdrop Intuitive, ergonomic design

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