Early Warning System

How can airports help passengers and baggage get to the plane on time?
Scarabee designs, develops and implements passenger and baggage airport performance dashboards, providing operators with real-time baggage and passenger flow monitoring. Designed together with the users, the system visualises passenger and baggage flow and any possible bottlenecks. Operators take action to ensure that passengers and their baggage get to the right airplane on time.


Early Warning System

Early warning system reduces airport bottlenecks

Problems ensuring the right piece of baggage reaches the right plane are a thing of the past. Nowadays, Scarabee’s airport performance dashboard provides operators with the ability to monitor baggage flow continuously, real time. They can see exactly how much baggage has been checked-in for each flight and can monitor the capacity of each section of the baggage handling system. The dashboard monitors capacity, processing time, flow and loading, warning operators if bottlenecks occur. It can also identify the location of wrongly sorted baggage, providing the reason for why it is there.

Designed together with and for end-users, the airport performance dashboard was further developed, tested and implemented by Scarabee. It continues to provide in-depth information on the baggage flow process and has resulted in a major reduction in lost or late baggage. The information provided by the dashboard is used to continually improve the complete baggage handling process.


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