Munich Airport, Germany

Munich Airport Germany

Airports in the European Union (EU) are required to carry out boarding pass checks at land-to-airside. Only eligible passengers in possession of a valid boarding pass are allowed to access the non-public area.

Contributing to an improved passenger experience and preventing passengers queuing at the boarding pass checks, keeping them “on the move”, the Munich Terminal 2 company decided to install automatic e-gates. After a positive experience of the test in Munich Terminal 2, the automated check of the boarding pass was extended to the entire central security filter, in which two portals with eight e-gates each (two quad tracks) are positioned. In addition, one e-gate for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) and families has been installed for each portal.

Scarabee, together with the Munich Airport Terminal 2 Company and e-gate partner Gunnebo, designed and executed the above- described project through co-creation.

One of the most important results of this project is the optimization of the queuing process and an equal distribution of passengers over the operational lanes. In addition, the average waiting time has been significantly reduced due to the optimal utilization of the available space. Queuing in public areas such as the check-in, which used to lead to significant obstructions have been resolved. Passenger now experience an “on the move” journey.

“We are very happy about what we have created together with Scarabee in this short period of time. For us, the new boarding pass check with the queuing system means a huge improvement in terms of quality of stay and waiting times compared to the situation we had before.”

- Julia Eglsoer, Manager Processes, Munich Terminal 2 Company



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