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Scarabee Aviation Group - PTE 2017  Thank you!

Thank you for visiting our stand at PTE in Amsterdam. We hope it was a rewarding visit and the start of an exciting quest to develop tomorrow’s aviation solutions together.
Let’s keep inspiring each other to look beyond and find ways to offer ambitious Alex a worthy canvas on which to finish her masterpiece...

Scarabee Aviation Group

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam 2017 - Scarabee Aviation Group

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam 2017 - Scarabee Aviation Group Passenger Travel Experience 2017 - Scarabee Aviation Group

Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 -Scarabee Aviation Group Passenger Terminal Amsterdam - Scarabee Aviation Group

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam 2017 - Scarabee Aviation Group Passenger Travel Experience 2017 - Scarabee Aviation Group

Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 -Scarabee Aviation Group Passenger Terminal Amsterdam 2017 - Scarabee Aviation Group

Scarabee at Passenger Terminal Expo 2017

PTE 2017 - Passenger Terminal Expo

Tomorrow’s airport is a special place. It’s a venue where operational and financial efficiency has shifted from being a goal into being a vehicle to achieve something greater. It’s where the person who lies at the heart of aviation, the passenger, has an impressive and lasting experience enriching their journey.

Through these eyes, Scarabee Aviation Group, specialized in facilitating people flows, baggage handling and security checks, aims to inspire airports to look beyond.

We invite you to visit us at stand 6050  to find out what our passenger-inspired business solutions could do for you.

New Security Checkpoint at Cologne/Bonn Airport

New Security Checkpoint at Cologne/Bonn Airport

A new time dawns for passengers and security forces at Cologne/Bonn Airport. This week the new innovative checkpoint has been opened for a trial phase.

The new checkpoint combines state-of-the-art technology with functionality and ergonomics to form a holistic concept: with a constantly high level of safety, the control process is to be made easier, more efficient and more comfortable for both passengers and staff. To this end, the existing procedures were analyzed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and by the Federal Association of the German Air Transport Industry (BDL) in close cooperation with local partners - the Federal Police, Cologne / Bonn Airport, Lufthansa Group, security service provider KÖTTER Aviation Security and the Scarabee Aviation Group.

The passengers will not only notice the modern bright optics with plenty of space and clearly recognizable sequences. The checkpoint follows the principle that every passenger can always go through the control process at his own pace, without impeding or limiting himself or herself. This makes the security check clearer and more relaxed for all participants - both for the passengers as well as for security staff.

In the future, up to five passengers can simultaneously fill their baggage trays on the conveyor belt and place them individually. The advantage is that if a passenger is well prepared for the controls and has his items in the carry-on luggage ready, saves valuable time. If a passenger needs more time or support, it can be stress-free.

Through a holistic view, sub-processes should be better connected and the overall process will be made more efficient while maintaining the high safety level.

New Security Checkpoint at Cologne/Bonn Airport 

Scarabee Aviation Group in the news

Scarabee Aviation Group
To improve passenger security and speed up the process of moving through airport security checkpoints, the OR Tambo International Airport will implement a new digital security system – the first airport in Africa to do so. The pilot implementation of the Scarabee Smart Security System, which uses a body scanner capable of detecting organic and inorganic anomalies, will be operational at the international departures’ security checkpoint from November 8.


Transforming the Airport Experience in Bristol

West terminal extension 3 equipment

The Scarabee Aviation Group is proud to announce that Bristol Airport, largest airport in the South West of the UK, and England’s third busiest outside London, has put Scarabee’s Smart Security Lanes into operation.

As part of Bristol Airport’s new terminal, the completed extension will comprise 12 security lanes, including a dedicated Fast Track zone which will go live later this year. A pre-boarding preparation area provides a new space for passengers to get their belongings ready for screening, and an automated tray handling system will streamline the process through x-rays and security scanners where required.

Chris Morgan, Bristol Airport’s Head of Security said:

“Bristol Airport continuously focuses on its processes, technology and partnerships with key stakeholders to provide a world class service to its passengers. The installation of the Scarabee security equipment, will improve the passenger experience by creating a more effective and efficient security process which is also in keeping with the aesthetics of the airport.”

“Working on this complex development, in a busy 24/7 operational environment is never easy, however the Scarabee team has been professional throughout. The installation and integration of the equipment met all of our expectations - from the design stage to the completed project. “

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer at Bristol Airport, said:

“We want to make Bristol Airport the first choice for passengers across the South West of the UK by combining world class facilities with West Country hospitality. This terminal extension raises the bar for regional airports by combining a spacious feel with the latest technology and a real sense of place.”


Cathay Pacific Airways introduces Scarabee’s BagDrop© units to improve passenger experience

Cathay Pacific Airways introduces Scarabee's BagDrop

Cathay Pacific Airways has launched its new self-service BagDrop© units by the Scarabee Aviation Group at Schiphol Airport. After having checked in online or at the self-service check-in kiosk,
passengers will have the opportunity to check in their baggage at these state of the art BagDrop units. The process involves printing of the baggage tags, labeling and dispatching the baggage.

By introducing this system, the airline strives to improve the passenger experience at the airport. By avoiding queues, the system will lead to a smoother and faster check-in process.
"This development is in line with the global trend of the airline to introduce self-service facilities at airports," says Cathay Pacific.

About Scarabee Aviation Group
Scarabee is an international company with offices around the globe. With over 25 years’ experience, Scarabee works closely together with the world’s leading airports and airlines and business partners, developing unique, innovative and tailor-made solutions for the passenger and baggage handling and security sector, resulting in an improved passenger and airport experience.

Scarabee Aviation Group opens new office in Frankfurt and appoints new local CEO

SCARABEE Aviation Group Germany GmbH  Am Flughafen

Frankfurt, May 2 2016 - The Scarabee Aviation Group, leading provider in developing remarkable, innovative and tailor-made solutions for the passenger and baggage handling and security sector, has opened a new office at Frankfurt Airport.

This new office will further augment Scarabee’s services for customers in Germany. The Frankfurt office is the latest addition to a growing list of established Scarabee locations across the globe that already includes Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai and Amsterdam Schiphol.

In addition, Scarabee also announces the appointment of Lars Rosenberger as Chief Executive Officer of the Scarabee Aviation Group Germany GmbH. This appointment will be effective as of 1st May 2016.

We welcome Lars to our team, and I am pleased that Lars has accepted the challenge to further expand our global operations.” states Michael Tan, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Scarabee Aviation Group.

Welcome Reception FTE 2016

Welcome Reception FTE 2016

Thank you for joining us at the Welcome Reception of the Future Travel Experience 2016 in Amsterdam. It was a great pleasure meeting you and we hope you have enjoyed spending time in a relaxed atmosphere, not only networking with other people from across the globe, but also learn about the importance of Sound Airport Processes: good atmosphere, nice surroundings, a place where you would like to spend your free time, where the passenger is in control of their journey and decides what he wants to do.

“You can make the difference; you can make someone’s day.” ...and we hope we made your evening!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Scarabee Aviation Group

Sound Processes

Thank you!

PTE 2016 - Thank you for visiting us at Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 in CologneThank you for visiting us at Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 in Cologne. It was a great pleasure meeting you and we hope it has been as inspiring for you as it was for us.
The inspiration and vision we shared together, will help us shape tomorrow’s airport experience. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Scarabee Aviation Group

PTE 2016 - Passenger Terminal Expo

Scarabee at PTE 2016

PTE - Passenger Terminal Expo 2016

Today’s airports don’t just handle people and baggage - they handle passengers’ expectations. It’s no longer enough to get passengers from A to B. You need a sound process that ensures a comfortable, easy travel experience every time. Scarabee gets to the heart of potential frustrations. By providing complete solutions based on an integrated approach and supporting technologies, Scarabee enables airport management, airlines and stakeholders to convert the existing frustrations of travelling into opportunities that exceed expectations. Interested how we can accelerate the transformation of your airport?

Meet us at stand 4050.
Scarabee. Technology at heart.

Early Warning System

Early Warning System - EWS

Scarabee designs, develops and implements passenger and baggage airport performance dashboards, providing operators with real-time baggage and passenger flow monitoring. Designed together with the users, the system visualises passenger and baggage flow and any possible bottlenecks. Operators take action to ensure that passengers and their baggage get to the right airplane on time.

More Early Warning System

Endorsing Smart Security

Endorsing Smart Security

Improving airport productivity and passenger experience
As strategic IATA partner and member of the IATA and ACI Smart Security workgroup, we develop innovative smart security solutions to ensure that passengers have an uninterrupted, safe and smooth journey from curb to aircraft door.

More Endorsing Smart Security

Baggage handling systems

Ensuring up to date baggage handling software

Schiphol airport commissioned Scarabee to develop a fully working test and training baggage handling simulation system. The resulting Maxibas system is used to test new and changed baggage system software and technology prior to implementation, allowing Schiphol to operate at full strength with no hindrance for passengers. It is used to train staff in operational situations, for what-if scenarios, and allows them to practise for calamity situations. The system is now the standard, future-proof Schiphol test tool for the approval of changes. Thanks to Maxibas, lost baggage at Schiphol has been reduced by 50% in three years.

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Baggage handling system maintenance

Baggage handling system maintenance

Scarabee are experts on both the technical and operational aspects of baggage handling. Our teams support and monitor systems, providing 24/7 baggage handling system maintenance. Together with Babcock, our international maintenance partner, we focus on continuously improving the systems we support, resulting in innovations that really help our customers improve performance: maximizing throughput, minimizing errors and reducing costs.

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