Test phase started successfully

Test phase started successfully
Stress-free through the security check, no long waiting times, no unpacking of laptop, tablet and your own liquids from your hand luggage - this wishful thinking has been a reality at Munich Airport for a few weeks now. Since the beginning of February, Luftamt Südbayern the government of Oberbayern together with Terminal 2 Gesellschaft, a joint venture of München Airport (FMG) and Lufthansa, the security company at Munich Airport (SGM) and the Scarabee Aviation Group has been testing the new Security Checkpoint. The higher security standard reduces waiting times and increases comfort.

After six weeks successful test phase, representatives of the participating system partners met on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 for an on-site visit: The performance of the new control technology convinced (front left) Lufthansa Group CEO Harry Hohmeister, FMG CEO Michael Kerkloh, the President of the Government of Oberbayern Maria Els, Lufthansa GroupCEO Detlef Kayser, CEO of Lufthansa Hub München Wilken Bormann and FMG General Manager Commercial and Security Andrea Gebbeken.

At the beginning of February, two completely redesigned pilot security lanes were installed in the middle of the central passenger control center of Terminal 2 for the test operation. These offer passengers an increase in quality:

Laptops in bags: Highly sensitive equipment with Computer Tomography (CT) technology check the carry-on luggage - passengers can leave laptops, smartphones and permitted liquids in their carry-on luggage.

Enjoy more flexibility: Four passengers can put their luggage in bigger trays at the same time - anyone who needs more time no longer delays the process. In addition, state-of-the-art body scanners provide more comfort and safety in the clearly arranged security lanes. Thus, a better technology, in particular through the automatic detection of explosives, provides additional security.

Utilizing state-of-the-art automated tray handling : Automated tray handling is a decisive factor in the efficiency of the entire security lanes - in Munich it is fully automated, for the first time in Germany.

Terminal 2 is used exclusively by Lufthansa and its cooperation partners. Due to the increasing number of passengers, the centrally located 30 security lanes in Terminal 2 are frequently used. Therefore, the Munich partners have jointly developed the pilot project "Alternative Control Body". The test phase runs until the end of the year. Following a successful test, it is planned to set up more double security lanes.


Maria Els, President of the Government of Oberbayern:
"We are extremely pleased that the test phase of the new security checkpoint in Terminal 2 has started successfully. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between all partners involved, we have been able to offer higher levels of passenger comfort and greater safety and speed through better technology. Thus, all passengers can start their journey even more relaxed in time for the start of the new summer timetable."

Michael Kerkloh, Managing Director Munich Airport GmbH:
"We are delighted to now have pioneering security control technology at Munich's Five-Star Airport. After the promising test, I am confident that this accelerated and much more convenient form of control for passengers will become the standard at our airport in the future. "

Andrea Gebbeken, Managing Director Commercial and Security of Flughafen München GmbH:
"These new lanes once again prove the excellent cooperation between Lufthansa, the Government of Oberbayern and Munich Airport. They result into a significant improvement for our passengers and significantly reduce the waiting time at the security checkpoint. "

Harry Hohmeister, Member of the Executive Board Deutsche Lufthansa AG, responsible for Hub Management:
"Our customers expect fast and efficient security checks in Germany. Modern and innovative technology, like here in Munich, makes a big contribution to this. It is important to ensure competitiveness compared to other international airports. "

Dr. Detlef Kayser, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, responsible for the "Airline Resources & Operations Standards" division:
"We need efficient aviation security processes and more flexibility in design. The successful test run in Munich is the result of a very good cooperation between politics and business, which we absolutely must continue throughout Germany. Once again in Munich you can see that our customers benefit when all the system partners join forces."

Test phase started successfully

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