New Security Checkpoint at Cologne/Bonn Airport

New Security Checkpoint at Cologne Bonn Airport

A new time dawns for passengers and security forces at Cologne/Bonn Airport. This week the new innovative checkpoint has been opened for a trial phase.

The new checkpoint combines state-of-the-art technology with functionality and ergonomics to form a holistic concept: with a constantly high level of safety, the control process is to be made easier, more efficient and more comfortable for both passengers and staff. To this end, the existing procedures were analyzed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and by the Federal Association of the German Air Transport Industry (BDL) in close cooperation with local partners - the Federal Police, Cologne / Bonn Airport, Lufthansa Group, security service provider KÖTTER Aviation Security and the Scarabee Aviation Group.

The passengers will not only notice the modern bright optics with plenty of space and clearly recognizable sequences. The checkpoint follows the principle that every passenger can always go through the control process at his own pace, without impeding or limiting himself or herself. This makes the security check clearer and more relaxed for all participants - both for the passengers as well as for security staff.

In the future, up to five passengers can simultaneously fill their baggage trays on the conveyor belt and place them individually. The advantage is that if a passenger is well prepared for the controls and has his items in the carry-on luggage ready, saves valuable time. If a passenger needs more time or support, it can be stress-free.

Through a holistic view, sub-processes should be better connected and the overall process will be made more efficient while maintaining the high safety level.

New Security Checkpoint at CologneBonn Airport 2 


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