Scarabee Automated Screening Lane Approved By TSA For US Airport Security Checkpoint Deployments

Scarabee Automated Screening Lane Approved By TSA For US Airport Security Checkpoint Deployments

Scarabee Aviation Group’s solution is the first approved for integration with Smiths Detection’s X-ray scanners for limited operational deployment.

Washington, DC – Scarabee Aviation Group, a leading global provider of innovation solutions and services in aviation, most notably, the Smart Security Lanes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, announced today that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has approved the company’s Automated Screening Lanes (ASL) for Operational Readiness Testing (ORT) in US airports.

“Automated screening lanes can deliver both efficiency and security benefits to airport operations. We are pleased to offer the first solution to US airports and travelers that integrates with Smiths Detection aTiX systems, which are in use at the majority of US airport security checkpoints,” said Michael Tan, CEO of Scarabee Aviation Group. “The Scarabee and Smiths solution is now available to US air carriers and airports who will now be able to implement the highly acclaimed security solution used at Schiphol Airport and to deliver a next generation passenger-focused experience. We look forward to working with our US partners to deliver innovation to US travelers”

Scarabee Aviation Group, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and with offices around the globe, has a 25-year history of innovation in security by developing products and partnerships to enhance security, improve efficiency and deliver differentiated and improved passenger experiences. From ASL’s to innovative BagDrop® self-service check-in solutions, Scarabee is helping airlines and airports improve operations, experience and the bottom line. 


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